Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aromatherapy School Will Teach You About Essential Oils

An aromatherapy school will teach a modality of complementary therapy that uses herbs and plant oils (essential oils) to relax and heal your body. The oils are applied to the body through massage, but also the sense of smell plays its part in creating a positive change in your mood and illness. Aromatherapy and essential oils can help clients who are suffering from many different illnesses. A perfume makers discovery:

When first starting in aromatherapy school, students will probably hear the story about how this massage therapy was discovered. In the 1920's, a French chemist who was working on new perfumes in his laboratory, accidentally set fire to his arm. He put his arm into some lavender oil to put the fire out.

The French chemist discovered that the lavender oil helped his arm to heal really fast and did not leave a scar. So the chemist spent the rest of his life dedicated to aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy schools teach students about the different types of essential oils and what illness they help to relieve. For instance If the patient is suffering from burns, an aromatherapy student will be taught how they should use lavender oil, and also the quantity and frequency to apply it.

Many aromatherapy schools believe that aromatherapy is a science and should only be practised in a professional manner by aromatherapy school graduates. Although other schools teach the student to open up to there intuition as well. Which is seen by some as being the more balanced way.

Some doctors disapprove of aromatherapy:

There are some doctors who do not approve of aromatherapy and the aromatherapy schools that teach it. They also say that all that an aromatherapy school teaches is the ability to reduce stress. They also state that there reasons are based on the lack of any real facts or figures.

Does aromatherapy only give stress relief:

Some doctors actually agree some patients may have been helped by an aromatherapy treatment, however, they are quick to state, only because aromatherapy helped to ease their stress. For sure, stress can help to create a number of illness's and when stress is relieved, the illness is often relieved as well.

However, they also comment that aromatherapy is not as successful as traditional medicine when it comes to serious illness. This is the block aromatherapy experiences in its attempt to reach the public at large.

Whilst a lot of medical people do not agree with aromatherapy treatments, there are many people who teach this therapy who do, and there are figures that show lots of people are applying to be accepted by an aromatherapy school. In fact due to the increased popularity of aromatherapy, there are more schools opening in cities all over the world. If you have doubts about this therapy, going to an aromatherapy massage school will probably dispel them and open you up to its potential to help stressed and sick people. for information, articles and tips about aromatherapy

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